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Islam and Media

The Media age of television, cinema, satellite and computer has made this world more accessible and information more available. The ‘1960s’ brought change to the whole world with marketing and commercialisation through television. However in the last fifteen years, there has been the growth of the multi-media age driven through the Internet. Today the news, views and opinions can be telecast through the globe with colour, sound and power. This has benefited us and also harmed us in equal proportion, it has been used and abused in equal measure.

Lifestyle and taste are controlled largely by media perceptions and propaganda is sold as the truth. All great leaders have used the media for self-promotion and have often manipulated situations to build profiles leading to widespread support and gain. The reality of the media world is simply that if it isn’t being shown or sold, then it doesn’t exist.

The rise of Islam in the great age of the Prophet (saw) came through conveying the message in the only medium available of the day. The Seerah - Life and times of our Prophet (saw) portrays how the people of Makkah were invited to Islam by the moral and pious conduct of the Prophet (saw) and by his rightly guided followers. The melodious and inspiring recitation of the Qur’an also changed the hearts of even the most fiercest opponents as many mediums were used to make the non-believers aware of the truth of this divine Message. The Prophet (saw) lived the life of the Qur’an and was tested to show the non-believers the exalted position of Allah’s (swt) religion. The Prophet (saw) also sent his messengers on horseback to the rulers and kings of the neighbouring lands with scripts declaring his Prophethood and inviting them to Islam.

The late and great Sheikh Ahmed Deedat wrote in his book ‘Al-Qur’an-The Miracle of all Miracles’ how the Prophet (saw) appealed to the people of previous books (Jews and Christians) by reciting ayats from the Qur’an, which told the stories of Moses(as) and Jesus(as). This was also using the mediums of communication and appeal to portray a message. We must realise that the beloved Prophet (saw) is the perfect role model, the one who is the advertisement of the Qur’an and Islam and as the famous nasheed singer Sami Yusuf explained that the Prophet (saw) was the greatest celebrity.

This choice of term may offend some but if we reflect on his example and status, it is obvious. We should follow his way, by being like him and copying him to attain complete faith. Even in the time of the Prophet (saw) people would travel far just to meet this man in Arabia who called himself a Prophet. Hasrat Abuzar Ghifari (ra), a great Sahabi-companion travelled across the lands just to meet Prophet Muhammad (saw). He had no idea where to find him, he slept on the street and even risked his life in Pagan territory.

Islam has been promoted through the ages but not through speeches, it was through actions and evidence. How effective have the Muslim world been in using the great media age to promote Islam? The effectiveness to portray the true message is the responsibility of educated Muslim people who can be involved in understanding and using the media outlets, to counter our opponents who continuously and effectively use the media against us. The future of Islam is dependant on how successfully we develop our abilities and not fall behind as with the great sciences that Islam founded but were adopted and developed by outsiders.

The application of media resources is needed to create and progress image whether of people or products. This image is what entices and captivates minds, bringing the generations to something that they relate to and want to be part of.

Inshallah this Section will investigate the role of media in Islam, focusing on a range of issues from role models and icons to representation and the power of perception..


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